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International Competitions:
August 14 – 20, 2017

Our equestrian athletes have distinguished themselves and the United States in international competitions for over 65 years.  The athletes who represent the United States in international competition deserve your support.  The need is great if we are to achieve winning results against the best in the world.  The USET Foundation’s job, with your help, is to provide the necessary resources to make competitive excellence possible now and for the future.

This information is updated on Thursday of each week.

NOTE:  The athletes and horses listed on this table are subject to change due to last minute withdrawals and/or horse substitutions.







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Show Jumping

CSI5* – St. Moritz, SUI 
August 17 – 20, 2017


CSI5* Katherine Dinan Dougie Douglas
CSI5* Katherine Dinan Tarioso Manciais
CSI5* Katherine Dinan Vic Des Cerisiers
CSI5* Laura Kraut Confu
CSI5* Laura Kraut Deville
CSI5* Laura Kraut Viper Vrombautshoeve Z
CSI5* Chloe Reid Codarco
CSI5* Chloe Reid Sally 643
CSI5* Chloe Reid TNT Explosive
CSI5* Paris Sellon Canasta Z
CSI5* Paris Sellon Dasino
CSI5* Paris Sellon Quantas 15
CSI2* Taylor Alexander Casiamo
CSI2* Taylor Alexander Ryanair De Riverland
CSI2* Addison Gierkink S L Slingback
CSI2* Addison Gierkink Wisconsin 111

 CSI5* – Valence, FRA
August 17 – 20, 2017

CSI5* Kent Farrington Baltic Star 2
CSI5* Kent Farrington Gazelle
CSI5* Kent Farrington Sherkan D’Amaury
CSI5* Reed Kessler Charity 33
CSI5* Reed Kessler Cos I Can
CSI5* Reed Kessler Tradition De La Roque
CSI5* Beezie Madden Breitling LS
CSI5* Beezie Madden Con Taggio
CSI5* Beezie Madden Simon

CSI3* – Langley, CAN
August 16 – 20,  2017

CSI3* Cara Anthony Cloud VA
CSI3* Lindsay Archer Camerone
CSI3* Lindsay Archer Enita
CSI3* Jamie Barge Luebbo
CSI3* Jamie Barge Zirocco Royal
CSI3* Karianne Boyce-Lockhart Ferro DC
CSI3* Karianne Boyce-Lockhart Hopscotch
CSI3* Jeff Campf Ninou 2
CSI3* Jeff Campf Wordsworth II
CSI3* Bryna Closson Cair Paravel
CSI3* Bryna Closson Tamiro
CSI3* Karl Cook Tembla
CSI3* Lauren Crooks Columbcille De Reve
CSI3* Leah DeMartini Abunola
CSI3* Leah DeMartini Firth of Lorne
CSI3* Shelley Fellers Revenge
CSI3* Rich Fellers HTH Crazy For Crown
CSI3* Rich Fellers Lux Lady
CSI3* Jennifer Gates Alex
CSI3* Jennifer Gates Pumped Up Kicks
CSI3* Joie Gatlin Rammstein
CSI3* Sayre Happy Dolinn
CSI3* Katie Harris Garkus Van Het Indihof
CSI3* Allyssa Hecht Arc De Triomphe
CSI3* Allyssa Hecht Calero
CSI3* Hannah Heidegger Di Caprio RV
CSI3* Hannah Heidegger Rodster D’Amaury
CSI3* Laura Hite Calypso V/D Zuuthoeve
CSI3* Zazou Hoffman Samson II
CSI3* Zazou Hoffman W Zermie 13
CSI3* Eve Jobs Chill R Z
CSI3* Eve Jobs Tiny Toon Semilly
CSI3* Eve Jobs Venue D’Fees Des Hazalles
CSI3* Vani Khosla Billy Mexico
CSI3* Vani Khosla Dynamo
CSI3* Kelsey Maloney La Coco
CSI3* Chandler Meadows Bubamara
CSI3* Chandler Meadows Damian
CSI3* Uma O’Neill Clockwise of Greenhill Z
CSI3* Mandy Porter Commissario
CSI3* Mandy Porter Coral Reef Baloufino
CSI3* Mandy Porter Coral Reef Follow Me II
CSI3* Mandy Porter Milano
CSI3* Paul Rohrbach Camerino
CSI3* Karrie Rufer Clapton
CSI3* Karrie Rufer Georgie D’Auvray EC
CSI3* Karrie Rufer Mai Tai 2
CSI3* Taylor Siebel Fellini 131
CSI3* Taylor Siebel Windoctro
CSI3* Craig Starr Juweel Van Maarle

CSI3* – Rockwood, ON CAN
August 16 – 20 2017

CSI3* Kasey Ament Qasama Du Buisson Z
CSI3* Kasey Ament Soren Z
CSI3* Leslie Burr Howard Donna Speciale
CSI3* Leslie Burr Howard Gentille Van Spieveld
CSI3* Leslie Burr Howard Up And Blue Chapelle
CSI3* Shannon Clifford Illusionist 2
CSI3* Shannon Clifford Riesling De Milvrault
CSI3* Jennifer Jones Stand By Me
CSI3* Andrew Kocher Carlos
CSI3* Andrew Kocher Ciana
CSI3* Andrew Kocher Le Conte
CSI3* Richard Neal Ida Gold
CSI3* Adam Rittenberg Cippolini VD Gasthoeve
CSI3* Kelly Soleau Cacharel
CSI3* Kelly Soleau Centre Ice
CSI3* Kelly Soleau Itty Bitty


CH-M-P-A 1&2 – Minden, GER
August 15 –  20, 2017

CH-M-P-A 2 Katie Whaley Night Flyer
CH-M-P-A 2 Katie Whaley Tanner
CH-M-P-A 2 Katie Whaley Tommy
CH-M-P-A 1 Miranda Cadwell Cannon’s Majestic Leyla
CH-M-P-A 1 Tracey Morgan Fuego 88

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